Welcome at the HCSA web site

Let me welcome you at the Health Care Surveillance Authority web site. The Health Care Surveillance Authority (hereinafter “HCSA”) supervises the public health insurance and provision of health care.

Health service concerns each of us. The HCSA endeavours to keep balance and principle of equality and fairness in relations between patient-doctor, insured person-health insurance company, health care provider-health insurance company. Ambition of the HCSA is to reach balance in these relations and for that reason it would like to broaden its remit concerning the contracts between health care providers and health insurance companies and this way act as an arbiter in these relations.

Competencies and tasks of the HCSA have been changing. The HCSA takes part in new fair system of redistribution of premium among health insurance companies and it is a centre of new system of financing of hospitals – DRG system. The aim of these important changes is to reach objectiveness in cash flow and this way to ensure quality provision of health care to patients. 

The strategy of the HCSA is to constantly increase professional level of its activity and hereby reach the higher level of credibility as an entity of public administration. The HCSA aims to be respected institution for all – for citizens, health care providers and for health insurance companies. That is why it is open to cooperation with all who would like to introduce and carry out changes focused on benefit of patient. The HCSA offers cooperation not only to other authorities of public administration, professional associations operating in the field of health service, but also to patient organizations and citizens who are interested in increasing the quality of health care system.

MUDr. Monika Pažinková, MPH, MBA

The Chairman

Publikované: 5. October 2020
Naposledy upravené: 5. October 2020